about us

What is JM Group real estate Development company?

JM Group Development Real Estate Provides distinctive and integrated real estate services JM Group is considered one of the leading companies in the real estate market. It has achieved remarkable success in providing high quality real estate services. Our well-trained team works to meet costumer’s goals professionally and accurately. The company provides a wide range of real estate services including:
Our Group works to facilitate the buying and selling process for customers. By providing professional advice and consultation we make it easier for you to decide. Our company also strives to achieve maximum value for customers by securing fair prices and favorable negotiations with other parties.

History and experience of JM Group real estate Development

JM Group was established in 2011 in Qatar market and after our success in Qatar market we start to extend in gulf and middle east, as we are one of the leading companies in real estate. The company has a strong global reputation in providing integrated real estate services, with over 12 – years of experience in this field.

WHY JM Group real estate Development ?

JM Group real estate development has many advantages that make it the preferred company for many clients. These advantages include:

JM Group real estate Development aims to achieve many goals in the real estate sector. Some of these goals include:


Providing adequate housing: Our company seeks to meet residential and commercial housing needs in local and international markets by developing distinctive residential and commercial projects that meet customer desire.


Service excellence: Our company aims to provide the best real estate services and exceptional customer experiences. This is achieved by applying high standards of quality and efficiency in all aspects of the work.


Growth and expansion: JM Group seeks further expansion and growth in the real estate sector by exploring new opportunities and expanding the scope of its work in new areas.


Adhering to values: Our company considers integrity, credibility, commitment, and empathy among the most important values it adheres to in all its operations.